"I'd Rather Be Unique Than Beautiful!"

I am... anomalous, unequalled, unimaginable, unparagoned, and unparalleled.

Super Mommy / Chrysty Kitten
11 September
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Chrysty Kitten / Dulcet Angel

adj. Pleasing to the ear; melodious. Having a soothing, agreeable quality; sweet to the taste.

A guardian spirit or guiding influence. A kind and lovable person. One who manifests goodness, purity, and selflessness.

"Can you see the darkness of heart?
I want to keep it dark."

[[ Keeping it Dark : Version 6.0 ]]

If a girl has curviness, exciting♥
lips, and a certain breathlessness, it helps.
And it won't do a bit of harm if she also has a
kittenish, soft and cuddly quality.

♥-Jayne Mansfield♥

♥"For the artistic ones, for the intelligent ones, for the really passionate people in life, they are always condemned♥
and persecuted for being that way--because they're different. The reason is that these people can move mountains, and they're persecuted in life only when they can be. But later on in life, they become the people everyone aspires to be: the musicians, the artists, the writers. That's one of the things that made me want to succeed."
♥-Dez (Coal Chamber)♥

♥I am kitten, hear me purr♥

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Chrysty's LJ User Hall Of Fame

wispurs_angel: Carly. You've been my best friend for longer than I can imagine. You've always been there for me and I never want to lose that. I luv you and thank you... for everything.

lollirazor: My gay husband, Mr. Toast, Rubella Gangbang, Trash Zombie... whatever you refer to yourself as, you're always Aaron. You can make me smile when no one else can with your straight-out-tell-it-like-it-is attitude. I look up to you many ways. Not to mention you've never gone against me when all the others have. Thank you.

inhalant: Cassie. My woman of many journals! Never forget the old days with creepy men mooning us from the backseat! You always seem to be around when the strangest things happen. I miss you and I wish we were able to hang out more.

crashzero: Bryan. I can't begin to count the number of times I ran to you about some problem I was having. You always stood by me and gave be great advice. I've had some intense conversations with you as well as some great times. You know more about me than a lot of my friends I've known for years do. You deserve a huge 'thank you' as well.

awakeinadream: Sami J. You brought so many new things into my life; college, music, friends, and lifestyles. I hope you always 'wanna lick his face' and don't pass out from heat exhaustion at shows. The House Of ASS will always be mighty! I'll never forget you, girl, and I hope you never forget me either.

unicons: I love you because you make killer icons. I almost cried when I saw them. Yes... I'm a loser. ;) <3 Dark Mousy <3. And just for that you gain a spot in my user hall of fame!

necrophilia: I love you to death woman! XD You were the first person I had to obsess over Inu yasha with! Then we started the RPGs. After that you introduced me to Kaoru. ;) One of these days I will drag Die er.. and Di.. to your house by his feet!! XD ♥ Mwa!

kuroi_kaitou: Squeee! My sexy-skank, Alyssa!/ My homocidal blonde... and definately the closest thing I'll ever get to seeing any real Dark x Krad action. <3 I luff you muchos my little koibito! Always remember, we were the first!!!

janeysgotagun: Morgan... ::nuzzles:: What can I possibly say? You are the other half of my brain, I think. That and I truly believe you're the one person in existance who I haven't driven insane with my mindless ramblings. Except when I keep you up till 5am forcing you to RP with me, that is. ;) I love you hun and I've come to the conclusion that we WOULD get along this well if we ever did meet!